Compounding is the method of preparing medication from pure powder to meet the unique needs of prescribers and patients. The biggest advantage of compounding is the ability to meet the special needs or conditions for each patient. This ranges from delivery method, dosage form, strength, flavor, and formula; all of which can be adjusted to each patient's needs.

Issaquah Medical Center Pharmacy offers a wide range of compounding services, which includes Bio-Identical Hormones Restoration, Pediatric, Pain Management, Veterinarian, Dermatology, and Dental.


While aging is an inevitable progression of life, you don't necessarily have to experience all the symptoms that comes with going gray. By supplementing with bio-identical hormones, you can reverse the age-related decline in hormones and restore the optimal hormonal balance required for a good quality of life.

Whether it is Estriol, Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, or DHEA, we can custom make your bio-identical hormones in the delivery system of your choice (cream, ointment, suppository, or sublingual drops).


With a wide range of options including oral liquids, lollipops, suppositories and topical preparations we are able to create solutions for you and your child.

For children that have allergies or flavor preferences, we can formulate or flavor medication to suit their specific needs. 


The treatment of pain has changed dramatically over the last few years.  Compounding ingredients that are applied topically has become a popular alternative.  Applying treatments to the injury site enables patients to treat pain without side effects that oral pain medication can produce.  Whether it's muscle tension, shingles or chronic inflammation, we can help. Ask one of our pharmacists about all our different pain creams.


Administering medication to animals can be a challenge.  Compounding medication is useful when the precise dose is unavailable in “human” form. 

We are able to flavor oral liquids depending on the animal.  Beef, chicken, liver, and a really fishy fish are house favorites with cats and dogs.  For our more exotic patients, we carry lots of different flavors from banana cream to marshmallow to tutti frutti.

For our finicky felines who won’t do liquid, we have a transdermal cream that is simply massaged into the inner ear tip.  

By working with veterinarians and their clients we are able to meet each pet’s individual needs.


The skin is the largest organ of the body and can sometimes be a troublesome source of problems for patients. Ailments such as psoriasis, acne, warts, rosacea, etc can be extremely bothersome and require very specific medications to treat/control. Throw in skin sensitivities to certain common preservatives found in commercial creams and ointments, and it can be hard to find a product that will suit your skin's needs. Our compounding pharmacy can be your solution. If your dermatologist prescribes a product that is not commercially available, we have the formula to make it.


Whether it’s a fear of needles, drills or simply a strong gag reflex, a trip to the dentist can cause anxiety. At Medical Center Pharmacy, we can address problems from topical anesthesia, dry socket, cold sores, tooth sensitivity, abscesses, as well as many other common ailments. Going to the dentist can be a good experience, just ask one of our pharmacists to see if we can help meet your personal needs.


Issaquah Medical Center Pharmacy is a certified member of PCCA. PCCA's mission is to strengthen the role, position and skills of member compounding pharmacists so they can meet the unique health care needs of patients through exceptional service, high-quality products, shared innovations and education. Through our association with PCCA, we have access to thousands of formulas that are formulated to fit your personal needs.